About Us

One hot summer afternoon in July of 2013, the founders of SWizza cafe decided to meet at a well-known sandwich chain in Houston, Texas. As they looked at the menu to decide on lunch, nothing seemed to really appeal to their taste-buds. One of the two being a vegetarian, he found the options to be very limited. The other feared all the options seemed "too bland." That is when the idea of a sandwich AND pizza café that served Indian-inspired flavors came about.

With a variety of pure vegetarian options, their concept would cater to the masses, while ensuring that flavor was never compromised. With SWizza's innovative concept, anybody can enjoy the freshest of ingredients, power-packed with fusion flavors, on a variety of pizzas or sandwiches. The only 'dillema' that patrons visiting SWizza will have, is trying to decide on just one!

To have a chain of SWIzza cafes in all cosmopolitan cities across the United States. To be recognized as a first-mover in the unique concept of merging flavors of two distinct cultures to the fast-food industry.

To be known as the pioneer of most innovative fast food concept in North America. SWizza's Indo-western style sandwiches and pizzas will appeal to the masses, as adults and children alike will enjoy tasty treats from our extensive menu. Our out-of-the box approach of fusing Indian and western flavors while maintaining pure vegetarian standards will surpass expectations. Our unparalleled cuisine will make anyone a believer.